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  • Jace Christiansen

August 31st Construction Update

The roadway for the roundabout is starting to take shape! All the geotextile fabric and granular fill for the roundabout and Cliff Avenue has been installed. The concrete entrances to Casey’s Gas Station, BP Gas Station, and Dollar General have been started. The concrete curb and gutter on Cliff Avenue south of the roundabout has been started and will likely be completed in the coming days. Curb and gutter on Cliff Avenue north of the roundabout has also been started and that is scheduled to be completed in the coming week. Following the installation of all the curb and gutter the roadway paving for the roundabout will begin. There will be no work occurring on Monday (9/4) in recognition of Labor Day. Crews will be back on-site Tuesday to resume work.

Concrete Curb Machine on Cliff Avenue

Formwork for Concrete Fillets

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