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  • Jace Christiansen

August 3rd Construction Update

Phase 2 of construction is well underway. The removal of the existing concrete and asphalt has been completed. The watermain installation for Phase 2 of construction has been finished and the services will soon follow. Storm sewer has been started near the intersection of Cliff and Willow and is being installed to the north. Storm sewer pipe and box installation will make up most of the work in the coming week. Following storm sewer pipe and boxes the subgrade will be excavated to the correct elevation and granular fill will be placed.

Most of the sidewalk for Phase 1 of construction has been completed and the remaining will be completed in the coming weeks. Click Here for a link to access the local businesses. The blue arrows will show the various access points to each of the businesses.

Asphalt Milling on Cliff Avenue

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