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  • Jace Christiansen

June 21st Construction Update

As the weather continues to cooperate, a lot of construction activity has taken place over the last week. The storm sewer boxes for Phase 1 of the project will be completed by the end of this week. The geotextile fabric and granular fill has been installed on Willow Street west of Cliff Avenue. The grading of the pond west of Casey’s is nearing completion and topsoil is being placed in the areas of the pond that have been completed.

In the coming week curb and gutter for Phase 1 of construction will be started. Other concrete work on Phase 1 west of Cliff Avenue will also be started. Grading work associated with the subgrade on Willow Street east of Cliff Avenue is scheduled to start late this week, with geotextile fabric and granular fill to follow. Asphalt paving for Phase 1 of the project is in the two-week look ahead.

T&R Placing Topsoil at the Pond

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