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  • Jace Christiansen

June 7th Construction Update

The weather has continued to cooperate for construction progress. The storm sewer pipe on Willow Street west of Cliff Avenue has been installed and the storm sewer boxes are now being poured. Storm sewer has also been started east of Cliff Avenue and is scheduled to be complete in the coming week. Material continues to be excavated for the pond west of Caseys. The material that is being excavated from the pond area is being used to build up the shoulders of the roadway along Willow Street. Granular fill has been placed, graded, and compacted on the east end of Willow Street. Storm sewer pipe and box installation will continue throughout the next week. The subgrade on Willow Street west of Cliff Avenue will continue to be graded and shaped to the final elevations.

Material being hauled and placed on Willow Street

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