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May 10th Construction Update

The water main on Willow Street east of Cliff Avenue has been installed and tied into the existing system. The water services along Willow Street have been started and are scheduled to be finished by the end of this week. Many of the private utility companies have been making the required adjustments to their utilities along the project. The topsoil has been salvaged in the pond area west of Cliff Avenue. The excavation of the pond is scheduled to begin next week.

Willow Street west of Cliff Avenue will be closed starting Monday May 15th. Honeysuckle Street will be reopened and can be used as a detour route. T&R plans to start removals on the west leg of Willow Street on Monday. Grading work along Willow Street will follow the removals. The detour route for Honeysuckle will be reposted later this week in preparation for the closure of Willow Street.

Willow Street Facing West

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