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  • Jace Christiansen

September 29th Construction Update

The roundabout has been changing dramatically throughout the last couple of weeks. All the roadway pavement for the roundabout has been completed including the colored cross walks and the center truck apron. The asphalt on Cliff Avenue to tie the new concrete to the existing roadway has been started and is scheduled to be completed early in the coming week. The work behind the curb and gutter is well underway as crews have graded the subgrade in preparation for sidewalk. Much of the sidewalk has been formed up and is scheduled to start being poured early next week. Following the sidewalk installation, the restoration and landscaping work will be completed.

Separate from the Roundabout Project, Cliff Avenue from Foundation Drive to near Black Dog Storage will be getting an asphalt overlay. This work is scheduled to begin Thursday October 5th. Follow THIS link to the exhibit that shows which portions of Cliff Avenue will be closed and the schedule for those closures. Repairs on Kent Street are part of the Cliff Avenue overlay project as well. Kent Street is scheduled to be overlayed early the week of October 2nd and will be opened shortly after.

Colored Truck Apron in Center of Roundabout

Colored Concrete Crosswalk

Asphalt Placement on South Cliff Avenue

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